Join us in Saint John for 145 hours of Festivities as we celebrate Canada's 145th Birthday!

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Roulette Varieties: Let’s celebrate Canadian gambling

The City of Saint John is gearing up to celebrate Canada's 145th birthday in style! The citizens are waiting for 145 hours of festivities, and make sure to share their photos using the hashtag #SJ145. There will be plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy, from traditional Canadian music and food to fireworks displays, celebration parades, and much more. There will be plenty of activities for all ages, including common online gambling on the most favourite operator Sol Casino among Canadians. There are lots of new promotions on the website, but roulette as always is among the top desires.

From traditional to tech-driven activities, a quintessential pastime of any establishment has experienced an illustrious journey from its historical origins to its digital transformation in modern times. With technology breathing new life into this old favourite, the nuances and assortments available at digital hubs have expanded considerably.

European & American

At the onset, traditional roulette boasted of its iconic European variant, which holds a special place in many hearts. With a single zero, this version provides enthusiasts with optimal odds. But the world didn't stop there, Sol Casino has thousands of options! The American counterpart, with an added double zero, threw a spin into the mix, ensuring an adrenaline-packed experience for those desiring higher stakes.


A lesser-known but fascinating choice is French roulette. This particular version places a spotlight on the la partage rule. Essentially, if the ball happens to land on zero, individuals receive half of their stake back. This rule adds an element of protection, which can significantly alter the outcome of several spins in a session. 

Multi-Wheel & No-Zero

Another fascinating development is multi-wheel roulette. Imagine not one, but multiple wheels spinning simultaneously. Meanwhile, the no-zero example on Sol Casino’s website offers a unique challenge by lacking the zero pocket. Both significantly modify the traditional gameplay and keep enthusiasts intrigued.

Progressive & Mini

Progressive roulette ties in the enthralling concept of a progressive jackpot. A minuscule portion of each bet contributes to a growing pot. On the other hand, mini roulette, with its compact version of only 12 numbers, offers a quicker pace and simpler betting options. Modern gambling resources are at the forefront of offering these unique versions.


Live-dealer type, a marvel brought about by technological advancements, offers a real human spinning the wheel. Sol Casino has seamlessly integrated this into its offerings, ensuring an immersive experience. Streaming in real-time, this experience merges the tangibility of land-based establishments with digital convenience. The site continues to innovate, ensuring that the age-old classic remains timeless in its appeal.

Adaptive Technology and User Experience

The essence of digital roulette lies not just in its game variations, but also in the way technology adapts to deliver a user-friendly experience. The interface, graphics, and smooth transitions play pivotal roles in ensuring enthusiasts stay engaged. Modern platforms, including Sol Casino, have incorporated intuitive layouts, allowing for seamless navigation, irrespective of whether one is a novice or a seasoned aficionado. Also, with the advent of virtual reality (VR), the horizon for digital roulette is broadening. VR roulette introduces participants to a 3D casino environment, where they can almost 'feel' the table, watch the ball spin in 360-degree glory, and interact with their surroundings.