Celebrate 150 in 2017! 


Special thanks to our Canada Day Planning Committee who volunteer their time to ensure Canada Day is a smash hit!

Alberta Stanton - Fundy Wellness Network

Aristi Dsilva - New Brunswick Museum

Bernard Cormier - City of Saint John

Colleen Hatfield - Rhoda's Flea Market

Deputy Mayor Shirley McAlary- City of Saint John

Mayor Don Darling - City of Saint John

Victoria Clarke - Discover Saint John

Greg Cutler- City of Saint John
Heather Peterson - Market Square

Norm McFarlane - People Parade Marshal

Jill Hamer - Market Square

Jim Hennessey - MP Wayne Long's office

Kevin Loughery - City Market
David Kilpatrick - City Market

Lori Cleveland - Market Square

Rhonda Cusack - Volunteer Recruitment

Stephany Peterson - North Market Wharf Cultural Association

Dave Boone - Acadia Broadcasting

Nancy Tissington - Uptown Saint John

Tian Zhuang - Volunteer Recruitment